Traditional Finnish leather boots over 80 years

You can sense the old time feeling in our traditional boots and shoes. We still use tradional manufacturing methods and of course appropriate materials in our products to guarantee they are traditional and durable.

Our shoe factory is unique. Oldest machines are nealy 100 years old and many manufacturing methods are original. Great deal of manufacturing, especially finishing is handmade. The Factory was established by Arvid Mäkelä. Today we are continuing his lifework with passion and love.

Today we are manufacturing and marketing unique, hand-made traditional lappish boots, genuine finnish leather boots, beak boots, folk dancing shoes and working shoes.

New! ARCTIPS Wool felt

Arctips Wool Felt selection

ARCTIPS Wool Felt selection

Lappish boots

Lappish boot selection

Lappish boot selection

Folk dancing shoes

Folk dancing shoes

Folk dancing shoe selection

Genuine finnish leather boots and working boots

Leather boot selection

Leather boot selection

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